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TELSYS  offers independent consulting advice, expertise and client coaching based on our extensive experience in SCADA, telemetry, automation, control and communications in the electricity, water, gas, transportation.

Our consulting services are designed to assist our clients to:

- Determine project feasibility,
- Conduct user needs assessment,
- Formulate implementation requirements with respect to
project team skills, budgets and schedules,
- Determine most appropriate tendering,
negotiation and contracting strategies,
- Prepare specifications and contract documentation,
- Manage the systems contractor, and
- Perform specialty technical assessment roles.

Tailored Consulting Services 

TELSYS tailored its SCADA and Telemetry projects approach to providing as much, or as little assistance as our clients require. Where appropriate, we aim to maximize the potential of the client's own staff whilst providing the best possible assistance to achieve the necessary tasks.

- Consulting  for SCADA systems selection, draft of technical specifications,
systems integration, existing systems reorganization and update.
- software design and development for automation, reports and trends generation,
system configuration, RTU configuration of SCADA systems
for water distribution, power generation and
power distribution plants, using:

Computer and operating system SCADA systems Protocols Nets Languages
PDP11/73 with Micro/RSX
MicroVAX with VMS 4.7, 5.5
PC with RMX286
PC with Windows NT
Procontrol 160
Becos 32
Indactic 33
Modula 2

- Training courses and technical assistance
- Custom software/ hardware development


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