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Since 1986 TELSYS has been involved on consulting advice, design and development of remote control systems.

Among the realizations we mention:

  • start up of the SCADA system (PROCONTROL 160 of BBC) of a Water Distribution Plant and development of the part concerning the calculations, the report generation, the trends generation,  and the plant automation. Plant consisting of 50 remote stations equipped with INDACTIC 34 and INDACTIC 35 RTUs, with a total of about 2000 digital points and 800 measures and a control center with four PDP 11 computers connected with an high speed network (PARTNERBUS of BBC).
  • the analysis, project and realization of the automation of the SCADA (BBC Becos 32 on MicroVax II) of a trust of water distribution plants with 23 remote stations and running without man's supervision completely in automatic way for a big   part of the 24 hours.
  • the project and the realization of a functions generator for a nuclear reactor. It give the analogic references to the apparatus which controls the power sources for the magnets for the plasma generation
  • a data concentrator (CDR91) for the management of data coming from a maximum of 16 ABB Ranza Fault Locators,  in 4 groups (4 serial lines on current loop) of 4 units, its sending to a control center using a modem and its printing at locally.
  • the technical assistance to the SCADA systems realized.
  • a Data Translator for a SCADA system BECOS05 of Italian Railways.
  • the Network Control & Protection system installed at thermoelectric power generation center of an oil plant equipped with Spacom relays. The system consists in a control center receiving data (measures) from 60 protection relays and dialoguing with 2 Remote Terminal Units with about 400 digital points. The work concerned the development of software of the center using the ABB MicroScada, the user documentation and the training courses.
  • the realization of the software of a SCADA system for Italian railways for the control of the power lines.

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