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Shareware Links

Sites where you can find listed the trends management program TCS 4.20.

When there are 2 adjacent links the upper points to TCS page, the lower to the home page of the site.




dmoz.gif This is not a shareware link, but I believe useful to report it also here (the main reference is in the links page).




The program is listed in some Gator's partner sites too: they have been rigorously omitted from the list. If you find that a listed site brings out the Gator, the world's most popular digital intruder, download page I suggest to close it immediately (pressing the CANCEL button or the close icon on the upper right side or the ALT F4 key, when the page is selected) and, please, let me now, so I take it off. No one listed site did that when I visited it, but I can't assure that no one changed mind since then.



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