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Since 1986

Welcome to Telsys Founded in Novara, Italy, in 1986 by Giorgio Castellani as an engineering and consulting firm, offering services on design, development of SCADA systems and plants automation, training and plant startup, preparation of operations and technical manuals, technical assistance and dedicated hardware development. The place where the automation industry turns for software tools and components from project conception to completion.  The full service approach to helping the clients find the right tool for the job and support them with product and application support to see them through their project completion has served several clients.

Telsys goal is that you see that this is not just a "website". The website is the primary face to the world, but behind it stands a dedicated people who is here to help you with top quality product support and expertise.

This section to help you learn more about the company, what it do, how you can work with it, and answer questions about doing business with Telsys.

If you have a question about or company or doing business with it that is not answered here, we invite you to call us at +39 0321 457603 or send us an email at


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